Italia Blue

Black & White Filly foaled May 4, 2017 | RAF | FOR SALE

Meet Italia Blue aka Tali! Tali is a stocky filly with everything in the right place.  Her sweet head and black tail are icing on the cake!  Tali’s sire Blue My Mind was successfully shown in halter as a yearling and her grandsire Deja Blue was shown in dressage, as was his sire Bommarito.  Tali’s genetics trace 2x to The Gypsy King, and also to Cushti Bok, The Lion King and Sid’s Good Stallion.  We feel that this girl would be great at any number of things, from adding some strong genetics as a broodmare, to being a wonderful children’s horse, to tearing it up in the show ring.  This lovely girl has all the baby basics down and is weaned and ready to go!  Sire is 14hh and dam is 15hh.

Sire: SWF Blue My Mind Sire: VV Deja Blue Sire: Vintage Vanner’s Bommarito
Dam: Vintage Vanner’s Treana
Dam: Summer’s Annie Rose Sire: Sid’s Good Stallion
Dam: Sid’s Best Black Mare
Dam: Delilah Blue Sire: Foundation Stock Sire:
Dam: Lioness Dahlia Sire: Lion King
Dam: Violet Mare

Tali’s Sire Blue My Mind and dam Delilah Blue

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