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Crown Darby

Crown Darby

Brown Tobiano Mare Foaled 1995 | GV00016F

Crown Darby Pedigree

Crown Darby is an amazing producer, she is heterozygous for tobiano and has produced 31 foals to date in the U.S. She is one of the original 16 Gypsy Vanner horses imported to America. Still going strong at 23 years of age, she is in our embryo transfer program and has been a consistent producer to quality horses that fit the standard of perfection we seek to achieve. Darby partnered with Dolly was exhibited harness as a pair when they first arrived, and were instrumental in promoting the Gypsy Vanner horse in America.

Her outstanding produce include —

  • Romipen (by Cushti Bok), 1999 stallion
  • Crown Darby’s Bali (by Cushti Bok), 2000 mare
  • Delphi (by Cushti Bok), 2001 mare
  • Royal Daulton (by Cushti Bok), 2002 stallion
  • Cushti Bok’s Valley (by Cushti Bok), 2002 mare
  • Turley (by Cushti Bok), 2003 stallion
  • GG Road Sweeper’s Darby Dan (by The Road Sweeper), 2005 stallion
  • GG Cleopatra (by Latcho Drom), 2006 mare
  • GG Calendar Girl (by Latcho Drom), 2006 mare
  • GG Rocky (by Cushti Bok), 2006 stallion
  • GG Bella (by Cushti Bok), 2006 mare
  • GG Cushti Bok’s Anniversary (by Cushti Bok), 2007 mare
  • GG Barbie Doll (by BB King), 2007 mare
  • GG Vanner (by Latcho Drom), 2007 gelding
  • GG Athena (by Latcho Drom), 2007 mare
  • Cushti’s Crown (by Cushti Bok), 2007 mare
  • Meno Bok (by Cushti Bok), 2008 gelding
  • GG Coco Chanel (by Latcho Drom), 2008 mare
  • GG Versace (by Latcho Drom), 2008 stallion
  • GG Shogun’s God of War (by Shogun), 2008 stallion
  • GG Fendi (by Shogun), 2008 mare
  • GG The Bachelor (by Latcho Drom’s Caymus), 2008 gelding
  • GG The Gypsy Princess (by Latcho Drom), 2010 mare
  • GG Road Sweeper’s Suede (by The Road Sweeper), 2010 mare
  • GG Latcho’s Black Silk (by Latcho Drom), 2010 mare
  • GG Latcho’s Black Velvet (by Latcho Drom), 2010 mare
  • GG The Road Warrior (by The Road Sweeper), 2011 stallion
  • GG Mora Lisa (by Latcho Drom’s Caymus), 2011 mare
  • Caymus’ Crown (by Latcho Drom’s Caymus), 2011 gelding
  • GG Amadeus (by Latcho Drom’s Caymus), 2012 stallion
  • GG CC Ryder (by Latcho Drom’s Caymus), 2014 stallion
  • GG Crown Royal (by Latcho Drom’s Caymus) 2016 gelding

The Produce of Crown Darby

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