Shampoo Girl

Shampoo Girl
Black & White Tobiano Mare Foaled 1995 | GV00007F

Shampoo Girl PedigreeImported in the fall of 1997, Shampoo Girl was a very special mare. She was one of the best producing mares in America and was well known for her consistent quality. She wass also one of the sweetest mares I have ever known, and she passed this golden disposition on to her foals. She wass one of the most popular mares in our embryo transfer program.

Shampoo Girl
Photo by Gabriell Boisell

Her produce includes:

  • GG Birthday Girl (by The Gypsy King), 2001 mare
  • Birthday Boy King (by The Gypsy King), 2002 stallion
  • Latcho Drom’s Caymus (by Latcho Drom), 2004 stallion
  • Gypsy Gold’s Seventh Heaven (by Cushti Bok), 2004 mare
  • GG Wings of Glory (by The Gypsy King), 2006 mare
  • GG Cardinale (by The Gypsy King), 2006 stallion
  • GG Fantasy Jackie¬†(by The Gypsy King), 2006 mare
  • GG Oz The Wizard (by The Gypsy King), 2006 stallion
  • GG Prince Tibor (by Cushti Bok), 2007 gelding
  • GG Mojo (by Cushti Bok), 2007 stallion
  • GG Summer’s Lolita (by Cushti Bok), 2007 mare
  • GG Ariel of Sajewinds (by Latcho Drom), 2007 mare
  • GG Wings of Worship (by The Gypsy King), 2008 stallion
  • GG King’s Magic (by The Gypsy King), 2008 stallion
  • GG Mishomus (by Latcho Drom), 2008 gelding
  • GG Coco Chanel (by Latcho Drom), 2008 mare
  • GG Ocean’s Pearl (by Latcho Drom), 2010 mare
  • GG Black Satin (by The Gypsy King), 2010 mare
  • GG King of the Blues (by The Gypsy King), 2011 stallion
  • GG Johnny Cash (by Latcho Drom), 2011 stallion
  • GG Sho Time (by The Shogun Horse), 2011 stallion
  • GG Sir Cork (by Latcho Drom), 2011 gelding

The Produce of Shampoo Girl