The Pheno Vanner

phe·no·type (plural) noun BIOLOGY The Phenotype of the Vanner Horse was inspired by two stallions soon after World War II. Selective breeding began to achieve a specific look and continued […]

The Pheno Vanner Gallery

The photos included in this library were chosen because of their stellar representation of the Vanner breed.  Disclaimer: I do not know all of the owners of the horses included, […]

Understanding Prefixes

by Dennis Thompson  Dennis Thompson and his late wife Cindy are the founders of the GVHS “I noted that your horses have “GG”, before their name, but I do not […]

Mongrel Breed

On 9/20/2022 An Irishman posted:  “No cob is pure blood, a gypsy cob is a mongrel mixed breed.” When Cindy and I discovered “The Log” in 1996, all horses raised […]

The Crossing of Breeds

The origins of all domestic breeds require a crossing of breeds or are inspired by an animal or animals that were crosses.  Justin Morgans, figure, gave birth to the Morgan […]

DNA Verified Genetics

A post of four beautiful horses read: “What do you get when you combine all these horses together? The correct answer is awesome! That’s what!” Said the post. Another correct […]

The First Internet Breed

On November 24th, 1996, when the first two Gypsy Vanner Horses – Bat and Dolly – stepped onto American soil, and the first breed registry in the world for a […]

Keeping Them Quotable

A Gypsy Vanner Horse lover knows the magic that makes the breed we all love quotable. From the day the breed entered the US, the Gypsy Vanner has inspired and […]

People, Vision, Species

The name “Gypsy Vanner Horse”, like “American Quarter Horse” can be broken down into 3 parts. The group of people responsible for the breed, the vision or purpose of the […]