Big’s Ruby Crown

Black & White filly foaled April 21, 2019 | GV08366 | FOR SALE

This beauty is Big’s Ruby Crown, a 2019 filly by our WR Big Son of Bok. Her dam, Drogheda King’s Crown Jewel, is a daughter of BB King. Ruby carries the genetics of The Gypsy King, Crown Darby, Shampoo Girl, Cushti Bok, Jasmine and The White Horse. She is incredibly well-bred filly and a great in-your-pocket type. In a field of horses, she is just sure you are there just to love on her! She is smart and curious and will be fun to train and ride as she grows. Ruby is old enough for all types of ground work or to pull embryos from this year. Fillies like this don’t come up often and Big foals are hard to come by as they are not often put up for sale! Please contact Dennis at 352-817-1777 for more information!

Sire: WR Big Son of Bok Sire: Cushti Bok Sire: The Old Horse of Wales
Dam: Callie
Dam: Jasmine Sire: The White Horse
Dam: Pat
Dam: Drogheda King’s Crown Jewel Sire: BB King Sire: The Gypsy King
Dam: Shampoo Girl
Dam: Cushti’s Crown Sire: Cushti Bok
Dam: Crown Darby

Gallery of Ruby