EBV Titus


Black & White Gelding July 15, 2004 | GV0236F1 | FOR SALE

Meet Titus, a 15 year old performance gelding!  Titus has primarily been a show/ performance/pleasure horse. He started out doing driving, then was shown English pleasure etc, did a little jumping and then mostly dressage. He is rated a 4 star gelding and was given the gold medallion in English performance from the GVHS.

Titus not only has won many high point and year end championships in dressage in Florida with Central Florida Dressage, Stride, Fhta etc, but the only year he was entered with the USDF for the All Breeds Award ( training level) for Gypsy Vanners , he won Champion for an adult amateur and Reserve overall! He’s also done several parades ; downtown Orlando, Mount Dora etc and he was awesome.

Titus stands about 15hh.  He has beautiful marbled blue eyes and thick feather. He has always been in excellent health and had excellent care. More recently he has been giving lessons occasionally.  I would put Titus temperament at about a 3. He’s not a dead head, he is alert to everything, but yet in typical gypsy fashion can walk down orange avenue in downtown Orlando with thousands of people waving and screaming around him, drummers behind him and twirlers in front without an issue. He is not lazy at all. He moves forward without much leg. Leg yields, side pass, shoulder in etc. turn on forehand, haunches and perfect leads. Goes walk- canter transitions when tuned up. Then comes right back with your weight. Titus is just about perfect! 

He loves being groomed and bathed. He obviously has excellent ground manners and is great with farrier, anyone grooming him, shaving etc. He is kept barefoot and has never needed shoes.  In addition to his wonderful temperament and great training, Titus has some outstanding bloodlines including Bob The Blagdon and The Old Horse of Wales (sire to Cushti Bok!)

Sire: SD Jim Sire: Bob The Blagdon Sire: The Lob Eared Horse
Dam: The Horse Shoe Mare
Dam: The Sweeper Mare Sire: Old Black Bob
Dam: Vines Mare
Dam: Mariah Sire: The Old Horse of Wales Sire: The Old Horse of Ireland
Dam: JC Mare
Dam: Hairy Mary Sire: The Road Sweeper UK
Dam: Vines White Mare

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