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GG Momma’s Boy

Black Colt Foaled May 12, 2019 | RAF | FOR SALE

GG Mamma’s Boy aka Leo is a fantastic colt born here on Mother’s Day!  Leo is a son of BB King and GG Fred Walker. He has several full siblings that prove what an amazing cross this is – including GG Tiffany, GG The Prince of Wales, GG Sweet Gypsy Rose and GG The Three King’s Filly aka Journey. Momma Fred’s last colt is GG The Walker Horse aka Fred, now a five year old stallion retained by our farm for breeding. Leo is jet black and has a sweet personality. He is royally bred with his grandparents being Breyer model The Gypsy King, Shampoo Girl, Latcho Drom and GG Rose. His lines also include The White Horse, The Lion King, The Lob, The Road Sweeper UK and The Pride Horse. This is a fantastic colt and he will take you far! Photos are courtesy of Debra Parry Trichilo and tour guest Jessica Smith.

Sire: BB King Sire: The Gypsy King Sire: The Laughing Horse
Dam: The Walking Bank
Dam: Shampoo Girl Sire: The White Horse
Dam: Rhonda
Dam: GG Fred Walker Sire: Latcho Drom Sire
Dam: Gypsy Gold’s Rose Sire: The Lion King
Dam: Flash

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