GG The Walker Horse/Bella Mia filly

Black Filly Foaled June 13, 2022 | FOR SALE/ | GVHS reg. pending

We are excited to offer this beautiful filly! This black beauty is a daughter of our very own GG The Walker Horse aka “Little” Fred, out of Bella Mia, a daughter of The King’s Good Friday! This lovely girl is double bred to The Gypsy King and goes back to Latcho Drom, Cushti Bok, The Lion King and The Lottery Horse! This is a special filly, smart, sweet and impeccably bred! She is PSSM1 free by parentage! Don’t miss the chance to own this beauty! Contact Dennis at 352-817-1777 for more information.  

Sire: GG The Walker Hose Sire: The Gypsy King Sire: The Laughing Horse
Dam: The Walking Bank
Dam: GG Fred Walker Sire: Latcho Drom
Dam: Gypsy Gold’s Rose (by The Lion King)
Dam: Belle Reid’s Bella Mia Sire: The King’s Good Friday Sire: The Gypsy King
Dam: Ves’tacha (by Cushti Bok)
Dam: Sophia P. Sire: Thomas’ Bay Stallion
Steve’s Mare


Bella Mia Filly
Bella Mia Filly

Bella Mia filly

Bella Mia filly

Bella Mia filly

Sire, Dam and Grandparents

Sire GG The Walker Horse aka “Little” Fred

Dam Belle Reid's Bella Mia
Dam Belle Reid’s Bella Mia

The King's Good Friday
Sire The King’s Good Friday

Sire of The Walker Horse and Friday, The Gypsy King

Grandsire of Bella Mia Thomas' Bay Stallion, son of The Lottery Horse
Grandsire of Bella Mia Thomas’ Bay Stallion, son of The Lottery Horse

Latcho Drom, grandsire of GG The Walker Horse