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Embryo Transfer Program

Gypsy Gold Embryo Transfer ProgramGypsy Vanner Foal and Mule MomMany of our Gypsy Vanner horses are the product of our Embryo Transfer Program. Some of our ET foals have been retained for our own program, and some have been designed and purchased by other individuals and farms. We’ve been able to share the wealth of our great foundation genetics with people all across the country through this program.

Mule Moms Program

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If you are looking for an affordable option to obtain your dream Gypsy Vanner horse, consider our Embryo Transfer Program. We have over a decade of experience with this process and can walk you through the procedure.

Basically, this is how it works —

  • You choose the sire and dam of your foal, subject to our approval and the viability of the mare. We are available for consultation if you wish.
  • Once you have made your choice, we will breed the mare you’ve chosen to your selected stallion.
  • At the appropriate time (usually 7-10 days later) we will flush the embryo and then place it inside the uterus of one of our Recipient Mule Moms.
  • Once the Mule is confirmed safely in foal (usually 21 days post transfer), she may be transferred (at your expense) to the location of your choice for her gestation period, which is approximately 12 months.
  • You will be responsible for the prenatal care of your Mule Mom throughout her pregnancy and then up until the foal is weaned at approximately 3-5 months of age.
  • You will then be responsible for shipping the Mule Mom back to us.
  • We do offer an option to keep and care for your leased Mule Mom here at Gypsy Gold until the foal is weaned. After the foal is safely weaned, you can transport your Gypsy Vanner foal home or to your boarding or training barn.

GG Kiss MeThe Cost

Pricing will be quoted upon request, and is based on the availability and viability of the mare and other considerations.

A non-refundable deposit is the first step toward your ET foal.

Contact us for pricing and availability.

It will take approximately 16 months for your foal to be carried, born and then weaned.

Other Considerations

We cannot guarantee the color or sex of your foal, however, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your foal, we do offer services to help sell your foal and find an appropriate buyer. Our genetics are highly desired and sought after all over the world. Most horses we offer for sale do not last long. The majority of our young colts and fillies sell within their first six months to a year.

We like to use the saying, “You get what you pay for.” What we mean by that is your horse should have no problem returning your investment should you decide to sell it, and often times you’ll be able to sell for more than your original investment.

To further discuss our Embryo Transfer Program, please call Dennis Thompson at 352-817-1777.

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