Mule Moms Program

Mule Moms ProgramWelcome to the amazing world of MULE MOMS!

As North America’s first Gypsy Vanner horse importer and breeder, Gypsy Gold’s focus has always been to deliver on the promise of the Gypsy Vanner horse breed through original, select and unparalleled genetics. Embryo transfer allows us to share the deepest, most illustrious DNA verified Vanner genetics in North America with others.

Mule Mom and Gypsy Vanner FoalExperience tells us that the worst thing about embryo transfer is dealing with the issue of recipient mares. They can be expensive to feed (draft horse mares) or difficult to care for (temperamental hot heads). With Mule Moms, those days are over…

What you need to know about Mule Moms:

  • A mule is the hybrid offspring of a donkey and a horse, usually a male donkey and a female (mare) horse. A female mule is called a “molly”, and a male mule is called a “john”. (Mating a horse stallion with a donkey jennet results in a Hinny, which is also a hybrid, sterile equine.)
  • Donkeys and mules can survive on coarser pastures than a horse. They can also be alternated with cattle and sheep on pasture. They are also well adapted to warmer climates.
  • Our embryo foals are automatically eligible for registration with the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society.
  • When you purchase a Mule Mom’s embryo foal, you become a Mule Moms Partner, which confers many benefits.
  • Monthly care costs end when your leased Mule Mom and her foal are On Parade in public locations; educating the public about mules and the Gypsy Vanner horse breed.
  • Your Mule Mom that is On Parade is professionally foaled out with no cost to you.

    Mule Mom and Gypsy Vanner Foal
    Mule “Mom” with embryo transfer Gypsy Vanner Horse foal
  • Your Mule Mom On Parade foal is weaned at seven months of age with no cost to you through weaning. You are only obligated to pay for transportation home.
  • A portion of your Mule Moms Gypsy Vanner Horse embryo investment is tax deductible as a promotion expense for your farm or business.
  • Best of all, Mule Moms connect the “Dreams Come True” message to children. Teaching core values as we educate and inspire millions of children is the heartbeat of the Mule Moms Kids Klub program.

Precilla and GG Georgii BokMule Moms first partner On Parade is Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo. Parents Magazine’s #1 zoo in America two years in a row. Over 1.25 million people will now enjoy the Mule Moms Gypsy Vanner Horse experience while visiting Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida.

The Mule Moms program has been developed in collaboration with a number of valued partners. Together, we’re working to entertain and educate kids about Mule Moms and their beautiful Gypsy Vanner foals, while instilling timeless values these children will draw upon for the rest of their lives.

Watch the Mule Moms documentary!

And here’s an animated story about Mule Moms for the little ones: