HCG The Prince’s Crown Jewel


Black & White Filly Foaled July 16, 2023 | FOR SALE/ |GV11517

We are excited to offer this fancy filly, HCG The Prince’s Crown Jewel! Jewels, as she is known, is a daughter of HCG The Gypsy Prince and Denali. Jewels’ grandsire is sire of champions VV King William and her great-grandsires are The Gypsy King, Lake Ridge British Sterling and Sid’s Good Stallion! This fabulous filly carries some fantastic genetics on both sides.

Jewels is smart and quick to learn and has foal appropriate handling.  She is also extremely friendly and loves attention from her humans! Both parents are mid-14 hand range so she will likely end up there as well. Jewels is GVHS registered and would be heterozygous tobiano by parentage.  She is also PSSM1 negative by parentage. The sky is the limit for this gem! Contact Dennis at 352-817-1777 for more information.

Sire: HCG The Gypsy Prince Sire: VV King William Sire: The Gypsy King
Dam: Vintage Vanner’s Tessa
Dam: Sahlem Country’s Rosie Sire: Sid’s Good Stallion
Dam: The Rose
Dam: Denali Sire: Feathered Acres Quinn Sire: Lake Ridge British Sterling
Dam: Tibbs Saorse
Dam: Feathered Acres Bella Sire: BHGV SD Laddie
SD Candy Mare


HCG The Prince's Crown Jewel
HCG The Prince’s Crown Jewel
HCG The Prince’s Crown Jewel
HCG The Prince’s Crown Jewel
HCG The Prince’s Crown Jewel

Sire, Dam and Grandparents

Sire HCG The Gypsy Prince
Dam Denali
Grandsire VV King William
Granddam Sahlem’s Country Rosie
The Gypsy King, grandsire of HCG The Gypsy Prince
Lake Ridge British Sterling, grandsire of Denali

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