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Kushti Atchen Tan

Black & White Colt Foaled July 5, 2017 | GV05793 | FOR SALE

BPF Kushti Atchen Tan aka Spirit is quite a handsome colt! BPF Kushti Atchin Tan means “good stopping place” in the Romany Language.  Spirit is all boy – but he is easy to manage and has a good temperament.  He has a calm demeanor. He has trailered several times alone. He is good in the cross-ties and good with the farrier.  Spirit’s sire and dam are both around 14.2hh so he will probably end up around the same height. Spirit is a grandson of The Road Sweeper (US) and his lines are hard to come by!  Spirit’s lines also include The Gypsy King, The Lion King, Road Sweeper UK, Sid’s Good Stallion and The Lob Eared Horse.  Spirit is a well-marked colt with lots of hair.  With Spirit’s great temperament, he would likely make a great kid’s or trail horse, or an awesome show horse.  With his lines, he also has great potential as a breeding stallion.

Sire: GG Aragon Sire: The Road Sweeper Sire: The Lion King
Dam: Blossom’s Filly
Dam: Darby Dolly Sire: The Gypsy King
Dam: Mary
Dam: Sydni Sire: Sid’s Good Stallion Sire: The Dock Tailed Horse
Dam: Daughter of The Lob
Dam: Blue Mountain Hannah Sire

Spirit’s sire GG Aragon and dam Sydni

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