Little Big Man

BPF Little Big Man

BPF Little Big Man, Grandson of Cushti Bok

2019 Black & White Tobiano Stallion | 14.2 hh | GV07095 | Stud Fee: $2,500 LFG

BPF Little Big Man is just beginning his career at Gypsy Gold. At only 3 years old, he is already reminding us so much of his sire WR Big Son of Bok.  Little Big Man is double bred The White Horse, one of the three original stallions we identified, as well as being a grandson of Cushti Bok, the first Gypsy Vanner stallion in America.  Little Big Man’s granddam Jasmine is a 2001 Tandem driving North American Driving Champion, still going strong at 26 years of age!  Farther back on his maternal side, Little Big Man traces to Harkaway Tansy and The Lob Eared Horse.  

BPF Little Big Man is an important part of our breeding program, being the only horse we have that traces back to Caymus and the only son retained from Big Son of Bok.  Little Big Man is much like his sire in temperament, thoughtful and smart.  We can’t wait to see what we get from this outstanding young stallion!

Sire: WR Big Son of Bok Sire: Cushti Bok Sire: The Old Horse of Wales
Dam: Callie
Dam: Jasmine Sire: The White Horse
Dam: Pat
Dam: VV Zanna Sire: Latcho Drom’s Caymus Sire: Latcho Drom
Dam: Shampoo Girl
Dam: Vintage Vanner’s Tessa Sire: The Governor
Dam: Aisling of Alpha Omega


BPF Little Big Man


WR The Big Son of Bok, Sire of Little Big Man
Cushti Bok, Grandfather of Little Big Man

Jasmine, granddam of Little Big Man

VV Zanna, Dam of Little Big Man
Latcho Drom’s Caymus, Grandfather of Little Big Man

Vintage Vanner’s Tessa, grandsire of Little Big Man.
Latcho Drom, Great Grandfather of Little Big Man

Shampoo Girl, Great Grandmother of Little Big Man