Darby Dolly

Darby Dolly
B&W Tobiano Mare Foaled 1995 | GV00002F

Darby Dolly PedigreeThe story of Dolly is the story of a dream come true. Over half a century ago, British Gypsies dreamed of creating the perfect caravan horse. Only the Gypsies knew about the realization of their dream until two Americans, Dennis and Cindy Thompson, noticed a magical looking horse standing in a field while driving through the English countryside.

Be it good fortune, good luck or pure Gypsy magic, a passion was born in the Thompsons that day that captured their attention and stole their hearts. The discovery of one special horse turned into an obsession to understand Gypsies and their horses that would last four calendar years.

On their journey, they discovered a very beautiful young filly that was also the first baby to one of the most magnificent stallions they had ever seen. The filly’s name was Dolly and her sire’s name was Bill. Dolly’s sire became so famous for producing beautiful fillies that the Gypsies began to call him the King. Today, Dolly’s sire is known throughout the world as The Gypsy King and on November 24, 1996, Dolly set hoof on American soil to become the first Vanner in North America and a Gypsy’s Dream Come True.

Mary, the dam of Dolly, was named after Tommy Draper’s wife. Tommy was the gypsy who raised Dolly and bought The Gypsy King on the day he was born on Millionaire’s Row at Appleby Horse Fair.

Dolly was heterozygous for tobiano and produced 18 foals in the U.S. She was one of our most prized broodmares. Dolly was shown in hand and in harness when she first arrived, a fitting ambassador to promote the Gypsy Vanner horse in the U.S.

Dolly passed away September of 2017 at the age of 22.  She and Bat are back together again.

Her outstanding produce include —

  • Lash (by Cushti Bok), 1999 gelding
  • Cushti Bok’s Misto (by Cushti Bok), 2000 gelding
  • Sheba Bok (by Cushti Bok), 2001 mare
  • Cindy’s Seven (by Cushti Bok), 2002 gelding
  • The 1234 Filly (by Latcho Drom), 2004 mare
  • GG Sweeper’s Coal (by The Road Sweeper), 2005 gelding
  • GG Prince Honz (by Cushti Bok), 2006 gelding
  • GG Velvet Doll (by Latcho Drom), 2006 mare
  • GG Latcho Drom’s Miss Mayze (by Latcho Drom), 2006 mare
  • GG Cushti Bok’s Baby Doll (by Cushti Bok), 2006 mare
  • GG Fantasy Cameo (by Latcho Drom), 2006 mare
  • GG Aragon of Sajewinds (by The Road Sweeper), 2006 stallion
  • GG Enzo (by Cushti Bok), 2007 stallion
  • GG Sergio (by Latcho Drom), 2007 gelding
  • GG Latcho’s Shadow (by Latcho Drom), 2007 stallion
  • GG Girly Girl (by Latcho Drom), 2008 mare
  • GG Arabella of Sajewinds (by Latcho Drom), 2010 mare