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MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man

Black & White Colt Foaled May 8, 2019 | RAF | FOR SALE

MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man aka Ziggy is an 8 month old son of GG Versace and Reserve National Champion BB King daughter The King’s Morning Glory. Ziggy is one of only two colts sired by Versace, and the only one currently intact. Versace sires mostly fillies so this is a unique opportunity! Ziggy’s bloodlines include Latcho Drom, The Gypsy King, Cushti Bok, The White Horse, The Lion King, The Lob Eared Horse and more!

Ziggy has had a lot of daily handling and baby training. He leads, ties, enjoys bath time, is good for the farrier and vet, and is ready to go. Ziggy is likely to be on the taller side – we think he’ll make at least 15hh.

Ziggy is built like a tank and has great conformation including a beautiful rainbow neck, a nice wide chest and a great apple butt. He also has plenty of flair and knows exactly who he is. Ziggy would make a phenomenal performance horse and with his genetics quite possibly an amazing sire as well. Ziggy is available; please contact Dennis at 352-817-1777 for more information!

Sire: GG Versace Sire: Latcho Drom Sire
Dam: Crown Darby Sire: The Gypsy King
Dam: Lettie
Dam: The King’s Morning Glory Sire: BB King Sire: The Gypsy King
Dam: Shampoo Girl
Dam: Rose Petal Sire: Cushti Bok
Dam: Gypsy Gold’s Rose

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