MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man

MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man

2019 Black & White Tobiano Stallion | 14.2 hh | GV07265 | Stud Fee: $2,500 LFG

MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man aka Ziggy, is three years old and just starting his breeding career. He has some outstanding genetics going back 25+ years here at Gypsy Gold and much farther than that from the Gypsies’ breeding programs, including Fred Walker, Tommy Draper, Patsy McCann and Tom Price, to name just a few! Ziggy is a son of GG Versace and National Reserve Champion mare The King’s Morning Glory, a daughter of BB King. Beyond his four-generation pedigree below,  Ziggy carries The White Horse, The Lion King, The Old Horse of Wales, The Lob Eared Horse and The Pride Horse. We are thrilled for the future of this young stallion!

In addition to Ziggy’s outstanding pedigree, Ziggy is full of presence and loves to show off.  Ziggy loves attention and is very smart as well.  We are looking forward to watching him continue to mature and are very pleased with everything we see so far.  With the loss of his sire, Ziggy has some big hoofprints to fill!

Sire: GG VersaceSire: Latcho DromSire
Dam: Crown DarbySire: The Gypsy King
Dam: Lettie
Dam: The King’s Morning GlorySire: BB KingSire: The Gypsy King
Dam: Shampoo Girl
Dam: Rose PetalSire: Cushti Bok
Dam: Gypsy Gold’s Rose


To the right is Morning Glory, the Dam of MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man. In the middle is Rose Petal, his Grand Dam
GG Versace, Sire of MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man
BB King, Grand Sire of MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man
Latcho Drom, Grandsire of MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man
The Gypsy King, 2x Great Grand Sire of MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man
Cushti Bok, Great grandsire of MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man

Crown Darby, granddam of MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man

Gypsy Gold’s Rose, great-granddam of MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man
Shampoo Girl, Great Grand dam of MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man