Historical Beginnings

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Discover the history of the enchanting Gypsy Vanner Horse, first brought to America in 1996 by Dennis & Cindy Thompson.

Book A Tour

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Join us at 10AM on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays for a 2 hour tour of the farm and the horses, hosted by Dennis Thompson and featuring the story of the discovery of the breed.

Gypsy Gold Gift Shop

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Gift certificates, handmade Gypsy Vanner bridles and now gorgeous authentic drays!

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Black & White colt foaled May 24, 2018 | RAF | FOR SALE Zebulun is a fabulous colt who has some of the best genetics around!  Zeb’s sire Big is a son of the first Gypsy Vanner stallion to set foot in America, Cushti Bok, and his dam Jasmine is Champion driving horse and original […]

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GG Chloe

Black & White Mare foaled March 30, 2014 | GV05180 | FOR SALE Chloe is a fantastic five-year-old mare who stands 14.3hh.  Chloe is double bred to The Gypsy King and also carries Latcho Drom and Shogun, whose lines are very hard to find!  Chloe is heavy and hairy and sweet.  She is easy to […]

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Kushti Atchen Tan

Black & White Colt Foaled July 5, 2017 | GV05793 | FOR SALE BPF Kushti Atchen Tan aka Spirit is quite a handsome colt! BPF Kushti Atchin Tan means “good stopping place” in the Romany Language.  Spirit is all boy – but he is easy to manage and has a good temperament.  He has a […]

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