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Horse of the Gypsies Video

Horse of the Gypsies Video


See the story of the Gypsy Vanner unfold in beautiful color and images by Mark & Jackie Barrett on this wonderful DVD.

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Horse of the Gypsies VideoThe second edition release of this very popular DVD from our friend Mark J. Barrett, photographer and videographer extraordinaire, this impressive film earned the 2014 Silver Springs International Film Festival award. This 43 minute color widescreen movie takes you from the Gypsy Vanner breed’s origin in the British Isles to its introduction in America. This is the story of the Gypsy Vanner Horse as never before told. Meet breeders have devoted generations to their passion for developing the Gypsy Vanner horse type. Hear stories around the campfire as a Gypsy folklorist relates life in a horse drawn living wagon. Ride with a Gypsy Caravan on the road to Appleby Faire and taste the cultural flavor of the gathering as it celebrates its 323rd consecutive year.

2014SilverSpringsFilmAwardLearn how a chance meeting in England eventually brought these wonderful horses to America and ignited a passion in horse owners, horse lovers and professional horseman from all walks.

Most magical of all, see these wonderful horses in action; driving, being ridden, and charging unbridled with feathers and manes gathering the breeze. The Gypsy Vanner Horse will touch your heart.

Watch the trailer below for a taste of this wonderful DVD…

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