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Small I.P.F.A Picture “Pink and Gold on Red”

Small I.P.F.A Picture “Pink and Gold on Red”



Product Description:

Annie’s artwork is a variation of the Iris Paper Folding technique that she developed after much experimentation. Which uses Chiyogami paper which she purchases from Japan.

These pieces of art come in 3 different sizes; Small, Medium and Large.

The designs on the papers are inspired by kimono fabric patterns. Chiyogami paper is all hand=made from Kozo fibers and hand-silkscreened in individual color layers, the final layer being a gold or silver metallic overlay. Annie loves the colorful intricate patterns which are characteristics of the Chiyogami paper. 

Annie draws each subject on her computer and then sends it to her die cutting machine. Next, she determines the placement of the template on a 10X10″ grid that will result in a finished product that provides the most depth to the 2-D artwork. The chiyogami paper is cut into very narrow strips and folded over. One by one, each strip is laid onto the backside of the template, cut to size and attached. Because of this process, no two art pieces are alike. 

Annie’s artwork is just as unique as the Gypsy Vanner breed…..A perfect pairing!

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 8 in