BPF Little Big Man, Gypsy Vanner Horse stallion. Photo by Nancy Mitchell.

Gypsy Gold has been the home of many legendary Gypsy Vanner stallions since the first horses set foot on U.S. soil in 1996. Most of our current stallions are available for service to the public and we invite you to click on the images below to find out more about each sire.

Most of our stallions are available to sire the foal of your design through our Embryo Transfer Program.

To find out more about the sires who founded the breed here in the U.S., please visit our Past History page.

If you are hungry for Vanner history and photos, please visit Vanner Central and enjoy the cornucopia of information offered there with photos of get and produce for all of our Gypsy Vanners bred, sold and owned.

Stallions currently standing at Gypsy Gold

BB King

BB King, The Gypsy King x Shampoo Girl

VV King William

VV King William, The Gypsy King x Vintage Vanner’s Tessa

GG The Walker Horse

GG The Walker Horse, The Gypsy King x GG Fred Walker

BPF Little Big Man

BPF Little Big Man, Grandson of Cushti Bok. WR The Big Son of Bok x VV Zanna

MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man

MMV’s Sharp Dressed Man, GG Versace x The King’s Morning Glory

Stallions available for frozen straws only:

Drogheda Gold

Latcho Drom’s Caymus

Latcho Drom x Shampoo Girl

Touch of Class