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Cushti Bok

Black & White Tobiano Stallion | 1992 ~ 2014 | GV00001F

Cushti Bok PedigreeIn the Romany language of the Gypsies, Cushti Bok means “Good Luck”

What can I say about Cushti Bok?  This boy, or should I say “old man”, is quite the character.  He loved it when Dennis hosted the farm tours, because he knew he would get lots of cookies and attention from the participants of the tour.  He loved to pose for pictures, every time a camera was focused on him he just seemed to know and held a pose. He was a very lively horse even despite his age, and was just absolutely a treat to watch run around in his paddock.

Cushti Bok and Cindy Thompson

Cindy Thompson meets Cushti Bok for the first time

In Dennis’ words —

What a trip it was! The true story of Cushti Bok, the world’s first selectively bred horse raised by Gypsies to be recognized as a breed seems surreal. We met him by chance, but it was pure passion that drove us to understand the vision and genetics that created him. On the long journey…
  • We became the first Americans to ever attend the oldest Gypsy Horse fair in the world, Appleby. Cushti Bok was—as the Gypsy predicted—better than any horse we saw there.

    The Vanner magazine

    Cushti Bok graced the cover of The Vanner magazine

  • We traced his genetic history through three countries.
  • We found his DNA proven sire, The Old Horse of Wales, one of the breed’s greatest sires. We stood overlooking the Irish Sea with The Old Horse of Wales and the Gypsy who raised Cushti Bok as he pointed to a clearing under a tree and said, “He was born right over there; I will never forget the day he was born. I held him in my arms and knew he was special… he is the best colt I ever raised.”
  • We uncovered the vision that created him and his breed—The vision to create the perfect caravan horse or Vanner was born soon after World War Two.
  • We traced the breed’s genetic origins back to the two stallions that inspired it: Sonny Mays and The Coal Horse.
  • We named the unknown and unnamed breed the Gypsy Vanner Horse, with the approval and blessings of Gypsies.
  • We established the first breed registry in the world for a selectively bred horse raised by Gypsies: The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. Cushti Bok is GV00001F (the ‘F’ is for foundation).
To this day, the best breed specimen I have ever seen was a daughter of Cushti BokThe Gypsy who owned Cushti Bok was holding her back as a gift to his son.
“He’s a one off” said the proud man with words and accent unique to his heritage.
He is indeed.
-Dennis Thompson

Just a few of Cushti Bok’s most recognizable get include:

  • Cushti Bok’s Valley (out of Crown Darby), 2002 mare
  • GG Cushti Bok’s Anniversary (out of Crown Darby), 2007 mare
  • GG Wings of Harmony (out of Dolly), 2007 mare
  • Rose Petal (out of Gypsy Gold’s Rose), 2002 mare
  • Ves’tacha (out of Esmeralda), 2000 mare
  • Romipen (out of Crown Darby), 1999 stallion
  • Rawnie (out of King’s Kaulo Ratti), 1999 mare
  • Cushti Bok Lady (out of Rose UK), 1996 mare

The Get of Cushti Bok

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