Drogheda Gold

2012 Black & White Tobiano Stallion | 14hh | GV04843 | Frozen Straws Only

Drogheda's Gypsy WIldfire Pedigree“G” was a stallion with 20 years of Gypsy Gold genetics. His sire is the late Latcho Drom, his grandsire is the late Cushti Bok and his great grandsire is the late The Gypsy King.

Magnolia’s Sparkle by MJB

Gee’s dam was GG Cushti’s Crown, his second dam was Crown Darby and Gee was a full genetic brother to the amazing mare Magnolia’s Sparkle.

He was a ham with personality plus, a real people pleaser and easy to handle. He truly had the “IT” factor, drawing attention wherever he went.  He was very “chatty” and made sure you always knew right where he was.

During his breeding career  he sired eight foals, and we believe he proved the old adage “blood will tell“. Drogheda Gold has frozen straws avialable to the discriminating breeder who wants to insert two decades of priceless DNA verified Gypsy Gold genetics into their breeding program.

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Gallery photos are copyright Carole Wiley, Mark J. Barrett and Richard Thompson.

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The Get of Drogheda Gold

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