The Road Sweeper

The Road Sweeper - Classic Gypsy Vanner Horse Conformation

Black & White Tobiano Stallion | 1999 ~ 2012 | GV00031F

In late 2000, just two years after the last of the original 16 horses were imported, Dennis and Cindy sought to bring over another stallion, with different genetics to compliment their growing breeding program. Having already purchased one of those originals from Fred Walker, it was an easy choice to include more of Fred’s bloodlines in their program.

It was decided to bring a young yearling colt and a young bred mare over. That colt became The Road Sweeper and the mare Gypsy Gold’s Rose. Both were sired by Fred’s stallion The Lion King, a well-recognized Gypsy Vanner. Road Sweeper’s pedigree traces back to The Road Sweeper UK on both sides, and his markings are also quite similar. Road Sweeper was named in honor of his famous forbear.

Road Sweeper spent a year at Disney, learning to drive and pull their Princess Carriage in the parade. Later, he became part of the Arabian Knights Dinner Theater show in Orlando, pulling a carriage during the show.

In his time with us, Road Sweeper sired 17 foals. His photos are often used as an example of what a Gypsy Vanner should look like. He is honored on Fair Hill along with the rest of our historic horses.

The Road Sweeper Pedigree

Just a few of The Road Sweeper’s get include:

  • GG The Road Warrior (out of Crown Darby), 2011 stallion
  • GG Aragon of Sajewinds (out of Darby Dolly), 2006 stallion
  • GG Roadsweeper’s Darby Dan (out of Crown Darby), 2005 stallion
  • VVF Miss Tondelao (out of GB The King’s Savannah), 2007 mare