The King’s Avalanche


Black & White colt Foaled June 6, 2022 | FOR SALE/ | GVHS reg. pending

We are thrilled to offer this fancy William colt for you consideration! GG The King’s Avalanche is a 2022 colt who will be two in June. Not only does Avalanche have some fantastic markings, he sports two blue eyes and plenty of bone and feather! We think this colt will make an outstanding stallion when he matures.
Avalanche’s sire VV King William is the sire of 56x Supreme Champion GG Kiss Me Kate. Avalanche’s dam is Belle-Reid’s Bella Mia, a daughter of The King’s Good Friday. Avalanche traces 2x The Gypsy King and also goes to Cushti Bok, The Lottery Horse and Vintage Vanner’s Tessa.
Avalanche is curious and friendly, and is well mannered and well handled with all age appropriate training. He is negative for FIS and PSSM1.
This colt is a fabulous opportunity to add something outstanding to your breeding program. Please contact Dennis at 352-8147-1777 for more details!


Sire: VV King William Sire: The Gypsy King Sire: The Laughing Horse
Dam: The Walking Bank
Dam: Vintage Vanner’s Tessa Sire: The Governor
Dam: Aisling of Alpha Omega
Dam: Belle Reid’s Bella Mia Sire: The King’s Good Friday Sire: The Gypsy King
Dam: Ves’tacha
Dam: Sophia P. Sir: Thomas’ Bay Stallion
Steve’s Mare

Sire, Dam and Grandparents

Sire VV King William
Dam Belle Reid's Bella Mia
Dam Belle Reid’s Bella Mia
The King's Good Friday
Grandsire The King’s Good Friday
Sire of King William and Friday, The Gypsy King
Grandsire of Bella Mia Thomas' Bay Stallion, son of The Lottery Horse
Grandsire of Bella Mia Thomas’ Bay Stallion, son of The Lottery Horse

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