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Velvet 2018 foal


VV King William x GG Velvet Doll

Foal due October 2018 | RAF | FOR SALE

We are so excited about this foal, due October 2018!  This foal carries the genetics of Latcho Drom and is double bred to The Gypsy King.  We have had three fillies from this combination previously; each one is better than the one before!  GG Kiss Me Kate, GG The King’s Crush and GG Kiss Me Twice have all proven this to be an unbeatable combination.  Kiss Me Kate has taken the show world by storm, and has won many Grand Champion Mare titles as well as several Supreme Champion Titles against all ages and sexes!   Kate has that amazing wow factor, plus is sweet as a kitten.  We have confidence this foal will be everything its siblings are.

Sire: VV King William Sire: The Gypsy King Sire: The Laughing Horse
Dam: The Walking Bank
Dam: Vintage Vanners Tessa Sire: The Governor
Dam: Aisling of Alpha Omega
Dam: GG Velvet Doll Sire: Latcho Drom Sire
Dam: Darby Dolly Sire: The Gypsy King
Dam: Mary

Full siblings GG Kiss Me Kate, GG The King’s Crush and GG Kiss Me Twice

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